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When people think pet-friendly--extremely pet-friendly--many think Europe. However, in our many years of experience, we've seen the US become more and more more pet-friendly, to the point where you can feel comfortable finding not only pet-friendly hotels and other lodging for your dog or cat, but also a wide array of pet-friendly services and venues--in small towns as well as large cosmopolitan areas.

In the old days you could only find pet-friendly Bed and Breakfasts and Inns, while larger hotel chains were wary of accepting pets. That's all changed. Now, they've learned that being pet-friendly is not only the right attitude--it's also good business. That's why you can now drive into practically any town and find a hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, cabin or cottage that is dog friendly or cat friendly, or both.

Of course, being "pet-friendly" means different things to different lodgings. Some allow all pets and all sizes. Some have size restrictions and fees or deposits. Others might put you a smoking room. At petswelcome, we made a conscious decision to list ALL lodgings that accept pets, no matter the policy. And while $150 non-refundable "deposit" is egregious, as you move down the line, the distinctions become less offensive and harder to judge. The bottom line is that we figured it was best to simply list the pet policy and let you decide. One person's outrage is another person's pet paradise.

You can use the search form above or browse through the states below to find a complete list of all pet-friendly cities in that particular state. Our lodgings also include Bed & Breakfasts, Cabins and Cottages, Inns and Motels.

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